17 April 2008

American Idol: Top 7 Kristy Lee Cook

Kristy Lee Cook made it past Top 10. On hindsight, that was all she had to prove to Simon. Her performance last night wasn't the weakest. My girl Brooke was (still cheering you on even if you're losing shine, girl!).

In fact, Kristy was actually getting better and better. But perhaps American could not forget how many times she's been in the bottom three. And there's one too many Cooks this season. So, really...it was her time to go.

I'm putting up a different photo of this week's castoff, where I would normally put the profile photo from American Idol's official site. I just think she deserves a lot more credit, based on what I've seen the last three weeks. She's not the best singer in the bunch but I think she won me over with her cute sense of humor and cool demeanor. And I think she's gotten rid of that horse stance. I don't remember seeing her do it anymore. Am I right? Big improvement!

Plus last night? She was absolutely stunning.

So here she is, waving bye-bye!

Too bad, KLC...just when I was beginning to like you.

This week is probably one of the better weeks Idol's had. It doesn't make up for Michael Johns leaving early, but I did enjoy the remaining seven sing Mariah Carey's hits.

Everyone's talking about David Cook and you know what this guy is doing? He's keeping people interested. I'm sure you're wondering what David Cook's going to do next, huh? Because I am and I can't wait for him next week, when they do Showtunes with Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Also last night, they had Elliot Yamin performing. That was a touching message he had on his palm for his mom. Aww.

That's why this momma loves this boy.

Boot order predictions:
12 to 7 (in no particular order, but they will belong in this half)
- BOOT: MARCH 26th
Kristy Lee - BOOT: APRIL 168th
- BOOT: MARCH 18th

6 to 1 (in no particular order, but they will belong in this half)
David H.
- BOOT: MARCH 12th
- BOOT: APRIL 10th
David C.
David A.