18 April 2008

Sex and the City Movie Shocker: Someone Dies!

You've probably seen the movie trailer now and know that something happens even before Carrie's wedding.

This site is saying Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) revealed someone is dying in the movie...she didn't say who but it may have to be Mr. Big.
Loose-lipped Cynthia Nixon has confirmed that a character in the movie (which is released in six weeks. Six weeks!), gulp, dies. Obviously, Cynthia isn’t so gobby that she’s let slip who that character might be, but there’s mucho speculation that it could be Big who pegs it – mainly because of his heart problems in the TV show, and the fact that we already know there’s a huge question mark over his wedding to Carrie.

No happily ever after?

Could the one dying be...the Sex and the City franchise itself?