29 April 2008

Britner Spears back on How I Met Your Mother

Yep, they're having her baby...one more time. She will be back on the May 12th episode, according to E! She will play Barney's Girlfriend....(wait a minute, what has happened to this?). Barney and Ted have a falling out, too. On account of...oh, yeah this.

From E!
Barney: Oh, wow, Ted, long time no see. I guess you're wondering why I haven't called in a while. See, I'm kind of done with the whole having a life and being awesome thing. Now I'm all about staying in, wearing loose-fitting clothing, and watching bad movies my girlfriend makes us watch.

Ted: That so?

Barney: I'm sorry, have you guys met my girlfriend, Abby? She's my girlfriend, and I just love her love her love her. We're in love, just like Tom and Katie. [Jumping up] I'm in love! And there's nothing about it that makes everyone around me uncomfortable or annoyed!"