02 April 2008

Entertainment News from around and all over

Maybe it's just me but I do feel I've been neglecting good content for this blog, while keeping busy with all the other blogs I keep. I'm saying a promise, to no one in particular but me, that this blog will be juicier once my TV favorites have returned. And it's only a week from now, so...yay!

So, what I'm going to do today is point my dear readers, all three of you, to a few entertainment news:

He did take a sabbatical from the show before, prompting speculations he was tired of his character but William Petersen (Gil Grissom) is staying for Season 9 of CSI.

Ah, this I'm quite excited about: Deadwood star, Ian McShane will be on NBC's new drama series based on King David, entitled, what else but "Kings". NBC is also confirming Knight Rider and The Philanthropist. For a description of what these shows are about, head here.

After its cancellation two or three years ago, The Mole will be back at the end of May, along with other weird and silly reality shows (I Survived a Japanese Game Show, anyone?). It would be my first time watching The Mole, if ever.

New Kids on the Block, reuniting? I know it's not TV News. I just find it amusing.

The Departed becoming a TV Series? OMG. I love the idea!

TR Knight and Katherine Heigl Feud. Hihihihi.

Nickelodeon is doing Spectacular! - their own High School Musical.

That 90210 remake Rob Thomas is making? Has casted its first character, a Dylan McKay type. Rob Thomas has three shows lined-up for the next season, plus a possible reunion with Kristen Bell.

Dawson (James Vander Beek) is heading to How I Met Your Mother. Robin Sparkles will be back, with a new song, to boot.