25 April 2008

Grey's Anatomy S4 E12 Where The Wild Things Are

So, let's see...where are we on Grey's Anatomy?

- Meredith is seeing a shrink
- George and Lexi are now roomies, sharing a CRAPartment with cockroaches as big as transistor radio batteries (do they still make transistor radios by the way?)

- There is a contest among the surgical residents, for points.
- Miranda Bailey, who doesn't wanna be killed Nazi anymore, tells the chief, her residents are just committed.
- Miranda Bailey brings Tucker to the hospital daycare now.

- They seem happy. --->
- But Christina assures Meredith she's wretched and mean.
- Derek tells Mark Sloane he and Rose have not slept together yet.
- She's waiting for the right time.
- Erica Hahn and Callie, Christina's roomie, they are buddy-buddies.
- A patient comes in with his intestines in Christina's hands. INTESTINES IN CHRISTINA'S HANDS!!!

- Bear attack he says. The victim can still talk. Well, of course he can...the voice box isn't located in the intestines.
- And I'm just 8 minutes into this!
- Izzie tells George they get 80 points for solving a medical mystery. (Dr House, are you in Seattle Grace?)
- Meredith connects with one of the patients. In matters of the heart.
- Sloan's cute. Tells Meredith --- Derek and Rose --- it's not gonna last.
- Lexi is hoarding and stealing hospital items for their CRAPartment.
- Rose blurts out she loves Derek to Lexi, a stranger to her.
- Meredith overhears it.
- Mer wins the contest. She wins a 'sparkle pager' passed out from resident to resident. And she can choose the surgeries the others are scrubbing on and take it from them.

- Something got gay between Derek and Mark in the elevator.
- Lexi has this whole speech about their new apartment and becoming George's friend.
- Would've wanted to steal the TV at the hospital. But it's bolted.
- Meredith finds a way to save lives. She needs Derek's help.