15 April 2008

Comedy Monday Treats: How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Samantha Who

As much as I love Comedy Thursdays on NBC, I also fervently enjoy some Comedy Mondays on CBS (and ABC) as well. I'd like to think I know very well what this article is talking about in that --- I am not missing out on most things in the funny department. You could say, I'm either a sitcom snob or the square gal who still enjoys old style sitcom pacing. The most important thing is, I've got the best of both worlds!

So, earlier... I enjoyed me a couple of Monday's comedy best with HIMYM, TBBT and Sam Who.

This week's story on How I Met Your Mother --- Marshall is having major problems at work. And as much as I think he's my most favored character in this series, this wasn't a particularly exciting episode. The highlight of the night, really, was Robin's Vanilla Ice Cream (see photo)...which left me craving for it (and sadly can't have because I still have this terrible cough!)

Anyway, this story was originally called The Ninja Report.

Marshall: So, I'm working on this report called, "Using 23Bs on B3 Class Action Precedent..."
Ted: Dude, you lost us. Can you just call it something cool like, "The Ninja Report"

But the episode title was later changed to The Chain of Screaming. And here's Barney to explain the theory:

The last part of this episode, with Marshall finally telling Lily the case with his boss and his job? It was cheesy. But I confess, it made my eyes misty though...it reminded me of how very true it is for young, new couples coming face to face with life's realities. (Hell, that's one cheesy statement!)

Following my viewing of HIMYM was The Big Bang Theory...

You know what, it's really gonna be very hard to explain this show, without sounding like a geeky loser myself, so I'm not even gonna try. Let me just bring you this clip of how this show is able to find something funny in the problem with teleportation. Watch the guy in stripes (Sheldon). He's IQ is 187, a stiff, self-righteous nerd who is actually the best thing about this series.

And finally, to close this day's triple treat is Samantha Who?. Big surprise of the night? Timothy Olyphant (Hitman), whose hair is already growing back. I didn't know he was going to be a guest this week (didn't read synopsis or watched previews) and would love for him to come back. (Is he?)

Timothy Olyphant played Samantha's boss, Winston Funk, who comes to the office offering Sam the biggest, heaviest engagement ring any girl could have. Apparently, while Funk was on the verge of divorcing his wife, he was also dating pre-amnesia Sam....who, it's clear to me now, has been a very busy, bad, bad girl dating plenty of men on the side, even with Todd (Barry Watson) as her boyfriend.

By the way, Timothy Olyphant and Barry Watson? Look-a-likes! Google their images up!

Anyway, making this all too fuzzy for Sam is the fact that she realizes her best friend, Andrea, has her eyes on their billionaire boss as well.

Uh-oh...how will her BFF react when she learns of the marriage proposal? Does Sam really love Winston Funk enough to marry him? And what about Todd, what would he feel about seeing Sam's picture on the gossip pages with Mr. Funk?

Hooray for Comedy Mondays!