06 February 2007


TV Addict's rant coming up...

Last night at around 9PM, I was switching channels between
  • Crime/Suspense [which had Battlestar Galactica on]
  • Star World [which had King of Queens and Frasier on], and
  • JackTV [which had a show, whose title I don't know, on]
Ordinarily, a person would have gone crazy watching TV this way...but as TV is my addiction, you could probably say I was so high, as a junkie would be high on drugs, last night.

Anyhow, what I was watching on JackTV looked interesting. It's about four guys talking about women and sex (now, this is what Guy Talk is all about, this is essentially THE male version of Sex and the City).

I checked on the schedule online to find more info about the show and I'm pretty sure it wasn't a show called Jack's Booth, as seen on schedule of Monday 9 PM.

People behind this station have got to get it all together. They've been running cable TV channels for what, 4-5 years now? And to me, it still feels they're new at this and everything is on test broadcast.

The schedule is all wrong and it's not just on print, but even with what's being shown on TV. On ETC last year (since they already shifted schedules this year and I'm still getting used to it) they kept running promos of Conan O' Brien, whose schedule was supposedly Tuesdays thru Saturdays at 12MN. How many times did I try to tune to a Friday night and got no Conan?

Speaking of which, I tuned to ETC yesterday afternoon, between 2-3PM to check what's on and Conan was on TV, when I just watched him at around noontime that same day. Checked on ETC's fresh TV show line-up and guess what? It doesn't surprise me that the schedule doesn't jive.

And there's one more thing, again on ETC: Please stop running that 2 minute profile of Paris Hilton (Starstruck is what it's called, I think). I know that Starstruck isn't your production, the same thing runs on Star World and some other cable channel. But it's never always about Paris Hilton on these other channels. :P I can stand to watch it once in a while, but on ETC, it runs for like 5x a day...and it's always her!

If you run a Paris Hilton feature 5x a day (and there's a reason why it's a short feature, Solar Entertainment get a clue!!!), subconsciously, your sending signals to teens and twenty-somethings (the channel's target audience) that she is an ideal role model, the way the feature highlights her "accomplishments" like she has successfully transcended all that bad press about her and that she's a survivor, when the truth is she's ... HOLLOW! ---> Paris Hilton: I'm writing a book, it has plenty of pictures! [insert image of me rolling my eyes].

And I have not even started talking about the way they script and dub their promos. I know of some people (I'm guessing, a lot more addicted to TV than I am...) who actually came up with a list of things they find odd with the way these channels do teasers. Hilarious.

Haay, Solar Entertainment.... >:(

Ranting on an early Tuesday morning --- about TV.

Yes, I seriously need to get a social life...actually, I needed it 10 years ago.