11 February 2007

The Closet Science Geek May be Coming Out

Dr. Who [2005] I should've watched this one sooner. I mean, I keep seeing the seeds on D/L but didn't consider it then because I thought it wasn't my kind of show.

So now I take that back.

I really must be a closet Science geek.

I once thought I would not like XFiles. But I did; I did so much, I completed the whole nine seasons. I once thought I would not like Firefly, but I take small pride in the fact that I'm part of a cult that only few people understand (thanks to Pau for the recommendation). I resisted Battlestar Gallactica before, but you will find me now tuning to it on Crime/Suspense on Mondays. The one thing I haven't really gotten into is Star Trek; that show has a looooooong history, it would be exhausting just to think of where I should start with it.

Anyway, Dr. Who...

I'm still on Episode 4 of 13 and I'm already loving it. As I've said earlier, I regret I did not watch this show sooner. But I also regret watching this alone as my hubby (the real geek) is away again. I regret watching this alone because one episode had this:

The Unquiet Dead

Whoooey, she gave me the creeps.

I think I'll have nightmares tonight.


Doctor Who [2005]
Season 1 for 2005
Original Airing: March 2005 - June 2005
Network: BBC1