08 February 2007

Prison Break - Chicago

This week on Prison Break...
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Michael and Sara become more than "strangers on a train" en route to confronting the President
While I know millions of girls (and guys gay for Wentworth Miller, haha) screamed while they saw this on TV, something about this scene did not move nor convince me. There was no passion to that kiss. To me it felt like something actors had to do, obligated by contract, to please its audience. I was more thrilled by the fact that they were wearing matching cardigans. :D

Mahone recruits an new ally in his attempts to capture the fugitives
The new ally would be Bradley Bellick, FBI. :D

This is probably the best scene of the night for me. Bellick, now an FBI agent, takes a moment to rehearse what he has to say (which I'm sure some people have done in real life!):

Bellick: Bradley Bellick, FBI.... Brad Bellick, Federal Bureau of Investigations.... Brad Bellick, FBI... Special Agent Brad Bellick, FBI...Hi there, I'm Brad Bellick with the FBI.... I'm an agent with the FBI, Brad Bellick....Brad Bellick, I'm with the Bureau.


Oh, the actor playing Bellick is a blogger. Check this out.

and a fourth escapee takes a fall

And all he wanted was to go to Holland.

Prison Break fans know for a fact that the fugitives will have to be killed off, one by one. This does not come as a surprise. But it took 14 episodes to close this story angle. Haywire was virtually non-existent before and then he's gone just like that.

Upcoming episodes should begin to grow momentum, the president is set to make an appearance. And she is what I'm waiting for.

Prison Break
Season 2 Episode 14 - Chicago
Original Airing: February 5, 2007
Network: Fox