16 February 2007

P.S. ---

Friday Night Lights
Season 1 Episode 16 - Black Eyes & Broken Hearts

Friday Night Light's episode this week did not disappoint (once again! If I only can, I would give an award for this show.... NOW!). We witness two reconciliations --- that of Julie and Matt (cutest pair on TV today, I must say); and that of Coach Mac and Smash. There's a good game to cheer for, too.

Grey's Anatomy
Season 3 Episode 15 - Drowning on Dry Land

I have not seen it yet (I have work, darn!) but... in what could be an unthinkable event, Shonda Rhimes, Grey's creator, killed off her lead character!!! Of course, since this is a three-parter (sort of), the conclusion of this incident will be seen next week. It is quite predictable, Meredith will come back to life. But for the sake of a good story, this week's episode delivers just that --- a good story. Oh, and FNL's Coach Taylor is in this episode. :) I am off to watch this one in full tonight, it's definitely a must-see -immediately!