15 February 2007

What should I blog about?

I am having a really eventful week but I'm so exhausted, can't bring myself to write about it.

Anyway, just some TV stuff:

Rome Season 2 Episode 5 - Heroes of the Republic:
Too many boobies in this episode. Haha.

Octavian's rise to power is underway. The kid's a genius. The actual historical account may be read here. But my account may be read below :D

He first took interest with the Army, made sure they were loyal to him. And then when it was time to take his seat as Ceasar, he ordered his enemies be called traitors. Now, those who disagreed were afraid to go against his wishes, he's got the army behind him. Genius!

Heroes Season 1 Episode 15 - Run!:
This episode was formulaic. And they're back to taking their time, especially with Hiro's story. Right now, his mission is really the one that does not make any sense, he is always interrupted by some event. Guess Tim Kring didn't intend for him to be the heart of this show, and now that he's everyone's favorite, more stories around him have to be created. I want a bigger story, please!

Standoff Season 1 Episode 4 - Partners in Crime:
I have to say I am beginning to like this show, despite Rosemarie DeWitt's stiff jaw. This was a cute episode. It was less engaging than last week --- since last week, I picked up a pointer or two about hostage negotiations (When I grow up I wanna be a hostage negotiatior, hehe!). --- but now I'm beginning to see the chemistry between the two leads.

Speaking of Cable Shows, must tune to:
  • Psyche
  • Crime/Suspense
  • Feb 22 8PM
  • Project Runway 3
  • ETC
  • Feb 21 10 PM
American Idol
My top 7, hope they get through:

Sanjaya Malakar
Lakisha Jones
Phil Stacy
Chris Sligh (Hurley!)
Antonella Barba
A.J. Tabaldo
...and one girl whose name I did not get...she sang Until You Come Back To Me.

And maybe you can slide Melinda Doolittle there for 8.

I'm off to watch more TV now...