28 February 2007

La di da di da di da....

I don't know if this is a trend but ever since Guy Love, I've seen more and more singing on sitcoms today. Even if it's just in parts of some scenes. It sort of brings this unexpected surprise, quite a pleasant surprise really --- I now know that not only can these actors be genuises at comedy, they can actually carry a tune!

[Scenes from 30 Rock & Knights of Prosperity]

Speaking of singing ---

While last night's 2nd week with the boys on American Idol was a big improvement from their previous performances, I still think this is a girls competition to win. And last night, many of them dedicated their songs to Grandma --- Paula Abdul should most definitely feel right at home with that! :D

Phil Missing You - Plain. Cool rendition. But still plain.
Jared Let‘s Get It On - I wanted his performance to be hot, but I didn't get there LOL!
AJ - Charming kid. What's the title of his song?
Sanjaya Steppin’ Out - Ohh, Michael Jackson!
Chris S. Trouble Oh - - Now, his was a performance I enjoyed
Nick Fever - Forgettable. And...so gay!
Blake Virtual Insanity - - Good with song choices. Not so sure I like him now, there's a bit of cockiness in his demeanor when he performs...I dunno. I could see-saw on this one.
Brandon Time After Time - Eh.
Chris R. Geek in the Pink - This is probably his thing but I don't get what the rave is all about, really
Sundance Mustang Sally - Awesome comeback!

Looking forward to the ladies later.