12 February 2007

Criminal Minds on StarWorld

I made it a point to tune to this on Star World last night (9PM). Because I have this (rather unattainable) ambition of becoming a crime scene analyst or a profiler when I grow up :), I live through this by watching shows that deal about it.

Criminal Minds is about a team of FBI behavioral analysts. They are brought to crime scenes across America to shed light on a criminal's moves and motives, essential pieces of information that help solve cases or better yet, track down the offender. If CSI is about investigating crime scenes, Criminal Minds is about analyzing, well, criminals.

The series stars that guy from Dharma and Greg, Thomas Gibson and was created by Jeff Davis who, based on his IMDb profile, is a few years younger than I am (Wow! Aren't I impressed!).

There are literally thousands of crime-solving series on TV today. What makes this show different is in its treatment. Each episode of Criminal Minds is somewhat related to a literary quote that ties into the whole series.

The series began in 2005 and is currently on its 2nd season in the USA.

At the moment, Criminal Minds is doing very, very well in the ratings. Which is what also drove me to tune to this show.... I'm wondering why its doing so well.

The first episode did not disappoint.

Criminal Minds
Season 1 - ???
Original airing: September 2005
Network: CBS
On Philippine Cable TV: Star World, Sundays 9PM