05 February 2007

Fun Facts: FNL's Tim & Tyra's parents

So, let me warn you first --- I'm drowning in my own TV World here, what you're about to read next is just this little thing I do, just for the fun of it.

Moving along...

Was watching an episode of Without A Trace last night and saw these two in the episode entitled Midnight Sun.

Dana Wheeler-Nicholson

Brett Cullen

In that 2002 episode of Without A Trace, they played a married couple. This was a good episode, by the way.

Fast forward to four years after...

Dana now plays Angela, Tyra's mom on Friday Night Lights.
Brett now plays Tim's estranged father on Friday Night Lights, whose first appearance was in the most recent episode (Episode 13, Season 1).
Tyra and Tim, on FNL, used to be a couple.

See the connection?

And Dana, the actress... no wonder I was familiar with her face, she is Sex and the City's Laney, that wild chick who settled down once she got married and pregnant.