07 February 2007

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

I think I'll overdose....

Summer premieres haven't even started yet, and lookie! The upcoming fall season's line-up is already heating up with more drama series. But before you go on reading, you might wanna look up on an earlier news [about 2007 Fall Season shows in development].

"A year ago, we had a lot of strong serialized shows (Lost, The Nine, Six Degrees). This year, there's a lot of strong character procedurals and soaps. They rose to the top because they were great stories."

  • Life on Mars
Production Co.: 20th Century Fox TV
Production Team: David E. Kelley, Stephen Garrett, Jane Featherstone
Detective whose girlfriend has just been kidnapped finds himself transported back to the 1970s. Based on the BBC series

Here is a little info on what the BBC series was like.

I haven't been into a David E. Kelley series since the cancellation of Ally McBeal and Chicago Hope...hmmmm.

  • Women's Murder Club
Production Co.: 20th Century Fox TV
Production Team: Liz Craft, Sarah Fain, Brett Ratner, James Patterson, Joe Simpson, Shawn Ryan
Four girlfriends solve tough murder cases. Based on James Patterson's series of mystery books

Based on a book by James Patterson? Wheeee! Love his mysteries! Many of his work has been made into a movie, and some of the more popular ones include:

Kiss the Girls Along Came a Spider

Brett Ratner is one of the people behind Prison Break. So with this combination, expect this series to be edge-of-your seat and pulsating.

"We feel with these unique shows we will appeal to our core viewers as well as bring in new eyeballs". With the safety net of having the strongest overall drama lineup on television, CBS decided to go for an even riskier high-wire act this time around, going for "inventive," "unconventional," "out-of-the-box" projects.

  • Twilight (presentation)
Production Co.: Warner Bros. TV
Production Team: Trevor Munson, Ron Koslow, Joel Silver, Gerard Bocaccio
Private investigator/vampire struggles with the repercussions of immortality, vampire adversaries and his love for a mortal

Vampires? I'm so there!

  • Babylon Fields
Production Co.: 20th Century Fox TV
Production Team: Michael Atkinson, Gerald Cuesta, Michael Cuesta
Sardonic, apocalyptic comedic drama in which the dead are resurrected and try to resume their former lives. As a result, lives are regained, families restored and old wounds are reopened

  • Demons
Production Co.: CBS Paramount Network TV
Production Team: Barbara Hall, Joe Roth, Nina Lederman
Ex-Jesuit priest/psychlogist performs exorcisms, fighting the demons in his life and the lives of others

I'm not too keen on these being inventive and unconventional.... unless it's an HBO production.

"One thing we set out to do is to have a little bit more of a female focus than (NBC has had) in the past and to go for lighter crime procedurals."
Really? I had not notice females were the least of their focus. If I were the rabid Kapamilya vs Kapuso kind of viewer, I'd be that sort, rooting for NBC.

  • The Bionic Woman
Production Co.: NBC Universal TV Studio
Production Team: David Eick, Laeta Kalogridis, Bruno Heller, Michael Dinner
Re-imagination of the 1970s series with focus on women's place in the world today

Cashing in on the popularity of Heroes, eh?

  • Chuck
Production Co.: Warner Bros. TV
Production Team: Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak, McG, Peter Johnson
Unlikely hero undertakes missions every week while still working at the "Geek Squad"; a comedic Jason Bourne

Bourne Identity on TV? I'm sold.

"With most networks opting for lighter, more escapist fare this development season, Fox isn't shying away from darker, more challenging concepts... bold, sometimes challenging, quality, take-notice offerings."

  • Sarah Connor Chronicles
Production Co.: Warner Bros. TV/C-2 Pictures
Production Team: Josh Friedman, David Nutter, James Middleton, Mario Kassar, Andrew Vajna, Joel Michaels
Based on the characters from the "Terminator" franchise, it follows Connor (Lena Headey) and her son John (Thomas Dekker) in present-day Los Angeles as they fight attackers from the future in a battle for survival of the human race

It's Terminator. On TV.

  • Them
Production Co.: CBS Par TV/Circle of Confusion Prods.
Production Team: Jonathan Mostow, David Eick, John McNamara, David Engel, David Alpert, Lawrence Mattis
Centers on an extraterrestrial sleeper cell that has infiltrated the human race. The cell's mission is compromised when its members begin to express human emotions. Based on the graphic novel

Mildly interesting.

"We had to eliminate certain projects that were not right for us but would have been great for other broadcast networks that go after 18-49. All of these projects have something conceptual that we can really promote: They will be noisy"

  • Gossip Girl
Production Co.: Warner Bros. TV/Alloy
Production Team: Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, Bob Levy, Leslie Morgenstein
Based on the best-selling book series about the lives of rich youngsters and their parents in New York City

Hmmmm...haven't read the book. I don't think I'm this series' target market. Seems a lot like 90210 in New York.

  • Untitled Tom Wheeler (presentation)
Production Co.: Warner Bros. TV/Class IV
Production Team: Tom Wheeler, Steve Pearlman, Andrew Plotkin
Comedic drama about two cheeky graduate students who use their skills to help solve crimes

The words: comedic, drama, solve, crimes appeal to me. :)


Source: Hollywood Reporter
For the in-depth article, read this.