28 February 2007

Thanks, Niles

With no internet access since Feb 16th (hence no updated TV downloads) I turned to my DVDs and watched, among many choices (including PBB Season 1, hee!), six seasons of Frasier.

I forgot how funny this show was and how much effective David Hyde Pierce is. He was the actor who played Niles Crane (who is perhaps, my favorite character in the series).

I was able to enjoy the long 10 days, thanks to Niles. It sure made my otherwise boring predicament... well, a lot, lot less boring. :)

Here are some classic Niles Crane lines from the show:

Niles: You spoke to a patient of mine today - Caroline. As a result of your fast-food approach to psychiatry, she left me.
Frasier: Caroline was your patient?
Niles: Two years of my hard work wiped out by one of your two minute McSessions.
Frasier: Niles, I merely suggested that she consider a change.
Niles: Based on what diagnostic method? One potato, two potato?

Niles: We all have to remind Dr Crane that this is real psychology now, not the radio. No hanging up on the hard ones here!