16 February 2007

House Saved the Cheerleader

...well, in a manner of speaking.

This week's Valentine episode on House, we witness a patient inflicted with a genetic disease that sounded like CIPA (Sipa? Seepa? ??? I'm no doctor!). What that means, in regular people's term, is that she can't feel pain. At all. And she was born that way. She doesn't know if she's running a fever unless she takes her temp. And she does so, everyday. She's immune to burns and cuts and every discomfort we normal people feel. And as House said they could, "Break her arm, she won't mind, " she really won't.

In a word, she's just like Claire, that indestructible cheerleader from Heroes. Although I'm pretty sure House was not able to cure her... indestructibility, because from what I know, her condition is permanent. Only, House was able to remove a tapeworm inside her tummy, all 25ft long of it, which was what was preventing her from becoming okay; that is, "okay" on her (superhero) terms.

Best line of the night? Had to be Wilsons'...who we rarely get to see now. His is a case of quality over quantity ---- he rarely has scenes with House but when he does, it's the few scenes with him that really matters. Anyhow, the best line for me was Wilson telling House: I’m tired of being your conscience. I don’t enjoy being your conscience.

Meanwhile, Cuddy flirts with House once again... and ditto House, except in a different way. Cuddy is out on a date (of course, this episode being the Valentines episode) and House still comes to her for consult, even when she's on a date:

House: Most people light fires for themselves, but then they don’t deny it..... He’s here!
Dr. Cuddy: CPK isn’t high enough. Potassium is what you’d expect same as the bronco dilators.
Oh my god. You’re not wearing a bra!
Dr. Cuddy: It’s not thyroid storm.
You just met him!
Dr. Cuddy:
I like him. And I like sex. Do I need to stitch a letter onto my dress?
House: No. But it might be worth taking out an add on the local papers.
Dr. Cuddy:
Do you like me, House? There are only two reasons anyone would want to screw with me tonight. Either they’re an altruistic, decent person who’s worried about my well-being. Or… they want me for myself.
House: You left out the third option. Evil bastard who just wants to mess with other people’s happiness.

Good episode. :)

Season 3 Episode 14 - Insensitive
Original Airing: Feb 14, 2007
Network: Fox