08 February 2007

The Return of Other Door

American Idol Season 6 --- The real star of this show isn't the singers nor the judges. You have to realize by now that with this talent contest, for anyone aspiring to be a star, one doesn’t even have to make an effort to sing very, very well.... much less, move. One just has to be this massive presence people cannot ignore. And that fact was never more poignant than last night, with the return of Other Door.

And as my son has observed on the very first day: Those who sang well chose the right door to push and didn't have any trouble opening it. But those who didn't, they got stuck with Other Door.

Is that suppose to be a form of symbolism? That because a person failed at the auditions, the door was meant to be the final blow, short of saying, "Sorry, Joe, your future at a singing career won't open doors for you..."

Someone in American Idol's production is a sadist.

Or a person with a really good sense of humor. :D

Last night's montage of Other Door and its victims was, by far, the most entertained I've been for this season.

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