07 February 2007

Studio 60 - The Harriet Dinner 2

and on Studio 60...

While the rest of the cast and crew are attending a dinner to honor Harriet, Danny and Jordan are locked on the roof of the theater together. At the dinner, what's left of Harriet's relationship with Matt begins to fall apart.
--- TVRage

Valentines was rather early on Studio 60. TV Executives, 30somethings and 40somethings, are passing love notes (Danny and Jordan) or bickering (Matt and Harriet). Both scenes were very well written. That's where the good lies --- it's in the writing.

I wish more people would appreciate it. :-/

Show status? Lukewarm reception still. It will be on hiatus in March. Its return is undetermined, which should spell trouble.

Ratings rank? Somewhere between Top 50-70...Mattie, Joey Tribbiani did better *sigh*.

People have been comparing this show to Sorkin's earlier work, Sports Night...and it could be following exactly that. Sports Night, despite its well-written episodes, ended in Season 2 and left many issues hanging, including the break up of Dana and Casey, which is what Matt and Harriet is to Studio 60.

Haaay, the bleak prospects of this show is bringing me down. I think I'll watch Sports Night again sometime this week, to cheer me up.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Season 1 Episode 14 - The Harriet Dinner Part 2
Original Airing: February 5, 2007
Network: NBC