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14 July 2008

Chuck's Ex-Girlfriend

Jordana Brewster (The Fast and The Furious) has been picked to play Chuck's ex-girlfriend.

You remember her, Chuck mentioned her in the very first episode...the girl who broke his heart when she was also seeing his best friend, Bryce.

Yep. Her.

She's gonna have a face on the series now.

A beautiful face.
"He always has imagined seeing her again, and being able to impress her with all he's accomplished. Unfortunately, when he does meet her, he's doing a computer install and she's a brilliant, successful, beautiful doctor working to create antibodies to horrible diseases." | Ausiello
Are we liking this new girl or not? She's real cute though.


  1. weeh cute nga. sana magselos to the max si sarah haha

  2. Girl na girl no? Nagwonder tuloy ako, paano siya naging GF ni Chuck nung college, eh ang geek kaya nun? Mukhang prom queen to hehehehe.