20 February 2008

Paula Abdul is losing it!

Paula Abdul's "drunken" state is already a running gag on Idol. It didn't bother me before; but I don't know what is up with her this season. She sounds and looks ten times worse.

Often lucid, she at least gets her message across...then. Now, it's harder to get what she's trying to say. I find myself gesturing to her on TV sometimes, to double time it up and get the words out of her mouth.

We're still in the early stages and Paula has had every bit of her "Paula is drunk again" moments. My favorite part would have to be this, from Renaldo's audition (see photo).

And what was that about "colors" tonight? Was she tripping and high? Was she seeing a kaleidescope of colors? Oh, yeah...I forgot. The theme was the 60's. Paula was so in that moment then.

Maybe...just maybe, Paula needs to be ON something, if you're sitting next to guys like Simon and Randy Dawg?

On another note, and despite her lucid state on Idol, Paula cuts a dance record with Randy Jackson and relaunches her singing career. The record will be released soon. Watch Dance Like There's No Tomorrow (It is heavily synthesized as Paula was never about the vocals even then. But I have to admit, it is quite catchy) ---