05 February 2008

House has a crush...

...and she's, like, Mighty Aphrodite.

Mira Sorvino guest stared on House yesterday with a medical case inspired from a true story.

House had to treat her via webcam, since she is stationed at the South Pole and can't easily be transported back. I thought that it was one of their best episodes yet; it also had the funniest dialogues. There were far fewer episodes with the new ducklings and more of House. And Wilson's got a new girlfriend, House curiously wanted to find out who it is. Wilson didn't want to tell him that he had to literally run away from House (which was so funny!) | Recap here.

Foreman: He's annoyed by her, doesn't respect her as a doctor, constantly insults her...
Wilson: That's House's version of "courtship"
Foreman: Oh, god. He's been wooeing me for years!
Wilson: She's the perfect woman for him --- willing to literally go to the end of the earth, making her unavailable for a real relationship. And she's afflicted with a mysterious illness.

House demands for cableTV at the hospital, since he's missing watching Law & Order in Korean:
House: Coma guy needs cable. Women's billiards is the only thing that is keeping him alive.
Cameron: I'm sure Carlson will be moved by his plight.
House: Carlson won't listen coz I hit on his wife.
Cameron: You knew?
House: God no, I thought I was hitting on his daughter. You're on the committee, he'll listen to you. I'm an avid reader of "Committees with Hotties" message boards. Studies conducted in major hospitals indicate that happy patients recover faster. Studies conducted in my apartment show that TV makes people happy. Premium channels, particularly striking effect.
Cameron: Charging patients for cable bring in $13,000 a month.
House: Until this injustice is righted, I am going to waste $13,000 a day....
Cameron: I am not giving you cable. You'd have to somehow survive with broadcast networks.
House: I'll be fine on Tuesdays...
(House airs on Tuesday nights)

House: You're wearing a lavender shirt, so you're dressing for somebody.
Wilson: The Medical Board. They frown on shirtless Oncology.

House: Cut throat bitch?
Wilson: I call her Amber.