22 February 2008

Bits and crumbs...

I'm happy to announce that --- I've finally gotten Big Brother off my system! USA's BB Winter Edition is currently running and surprisingly, I couldn't get past the first two episodes. In spite of the fact that Day 1 had instantly delivered the juicy stuff --- deception, arguments, connivance, sex in the bathroom cubicle and all the drama, I was not all that interested. I think that after following the format since 2002, I'm finally done with any kind of Big Brother series. I'm so proud of me. :)

Cashmere Mafia ended their season run the other day, which means, the torture I had imposed upon myself (by allowing myself to watch all 7 episodes of it ) also ended. Mum's the word on its return and I am not bummed about it. I wouldn't miss this show but it did leave me with fond memories of Lucy Liu's homage to the Grinch.

Jogging in fur is not my idea of cutting edge fashion.
The guy with her agrees with me.

Las Vegas is officially canceled.
Cane is in trouble, if anyone actually cares.
Moonlight's show runner has left the series, which could spell trouble.
Friday Night Lights may be kept alive on cable channels.