28 February 2008

American Idol: Girls Night Round 2

Brooke was nearly perfect all the way through, so she would have to be my top pick tonight. She did Carly (the original singer), sounded like her a bit, sorta looks like her, too...look:

Carly Simon

The flaw I found in her performance? She was smiling. Sweetly. And it's a song about telling off someone, so there should be a little bit of anger in there, right? But she remains this sweet thing, as if she's singing to preschoolers. Which isn't so bad. For preschoolers. But she sang You're So Vain.

Ramiele.....Ahh! I'm sure plenty Filipinos would be ecstatic --- Ramiele got to teach Ryan Seacrest to say "Kamusta ka?" (How are you?). Her performance wasn't a show stopper but it was still a good one. Better than 5 or 6 people. Ramiele got out of her comfort zone, stepped out of the box and sang a disco song. The vocals were there (she is a Diva singer anyway), but the energy in her performance was lacking. But she should be safe.

And like last week, I can't put a third, fourth, fifth and sixth girl on my list yet. What's the matter with this group? They actually out sang the boys this week but I can't seem to complete my list!

Although, I could stand to listen to these girls' performances:
  • Alaina - Hopelessly Devoted To You is a hard song to sing and Alaina did struggle with it. She tried.
  • Alexandrea - She started alright but ended badly. That sounds a lot like what Randy would have said, but it is what it is (keeping it real, man!) - If You Leave Me Now
  • Carly - she screeched but she rocked, still. - Crazy On You
  • Syesha - Smooth. It could've worked better with a lot more practice, I guess. - Me & Mrs. Jones
The rest were mostly one big mesh of singers I can't care about as soon as I've switched the TV channel.

Don't like Amanda's hair. She's 22 going on 45.

Don't like Kristy Lee's "squat singing". She loses a lot of pretty points doing it.

Don't understand the judges, well mostly Randy and Paula --- on one girl they tell her to stick to what she likes to do best; on another girl they encourage her to get out of her comfort zone. And really, I don't get what that "relevant to this competition" crap is about. They've been saying it a lot, when does it stop? :P