01 February 2008

Kicking off Feb with a bunch of TV News links

Guess what? Haven't gotten any chance to watch TV in the last few days, except for American Idol. I've been mostly catching up on movies and playing with new toys. But that's gonna change after today because Lost Season 4 and Eli Stone are premiering, yay!

It hasn't even aired yet, but Eli Stone is becoming a bit controversial. Some people find the pilot story objectionable (it's about a child becoming autistic due to vaccines given to him as a baby). And I'd leave that to you to decide if it is, because I loved the pilot. The Philly is calling it the male Ally McBeal and I would have to echo that opinion.

If you're following Lost, please join me at WatchingLost. I could never claim to be an expert of the series, but it's a show I like to talk about now and then and I would love it if a few of you drop by and say hello.

Things actors get into because there's no work to do, on the account of the strike:
  • Some good news in relation to the cast of 24: Keifer is out of jail and Mary Lynn (Chloe) is expecting her first child.
  • Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Karev has spent three days in the psych ward. And don't worry it was his own decision, he hasn't gone looney like Brit-Brit and there was no intervention necessary. The man has been having sleep disorders. With five kids to take care of, I can imagine!
Speaking of the strike...I was counting on rumors that it will be over this week, but I guess they're taking it slow. Slowly but surely is the way to go! Nikki from DHD has posted that more deals have been signed. So, hang on, TV addicts....we're getting there.

I mentioned about movies earlier....and I just wanna say I enjoyed Cloverfield. He did, too :

Happy February! May this be a good month.