29 February 2008

SCRUBS may move from NBC to ABC

There have been rumors about this for quite sometime. And today, it's finally in the news.

Scrubs, which has been running on NBC since 2001, is moving to ABC.

This network switch is a rare thing. But it's interesting to note that while the show originally airs on NBC, it is in fact being produced by ABC Studios.

Scrubs was supposed to have its final run on NBC this season. It was to end with 18 episodes. But the send-off to this once groundbreaking series was cut short by the writers' strike. Six episodes have aired pre-strike. And five more are expected, to end their seventh and (supposedly) final season.

Read the complete news here.

As I understand it, their move to ABC next season should entitle them to 18 more episodes for Season 8?

This is great, great news as I'm not prepared to say goodbye to Scrubs this year.

Update: NBC cries foul over Scrubs move to ABC