26 February 2008

Pilot Watch: Ex Life, Zip and My Best Friend's Girl

More series under development, slated next season:

EX LIFE (A.K.A. EX MEN) (CBS) - Mid-Late 20s. A handsome, charming and funny everyman, he's completely shellshocked when his long-time girlfriend, Sara, jilts him at the altar. Carter moves into a "short-term housing" complex, where single men, much like himself, find strength in numbers. Carter befriends Gil, Frank and Stuart. Carter is delighted when Sara asks for reconciliation, and their postponed wedding is suddenly back on. However, thanks to his new friends, Carter finally realizes just how little he and Sara have in common - but the revelation comes mere moments before he says "I do".

ZIP (NBC) - Story of a guy (Steven Weber, Studio60) with no money living in Beverly Hills who, with the help of a colorful cast of accomplices, concocts one scheme after another in the hopes of making it big and securing a glamorous lifestyle for his three children.

MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL (CBS) - About two male best friends who own a bike shop and whose relationship becomes complicated when one starts dating the other's ex-wife.