20 February 2008

American Idol: Boys Night Round 1

It's the boys' first round and at this point, I would have to say that it is really easy to pick who the Top 3 guys will be. I think I'd have to go with the the biblical choice: Two Davids (Archuleta and Cook) and a Michael (who's also a John[s]). Those were the top three favorites of the night.

The fourth spot could go to the other David (Hernandez), if only he learns to relax a little. On TV, he comes around as "thinking while performing", a phrase I've heard said so many times on Idol and it just makes me look out for those performers who do it (thinking). Which means, David is trying way too hard and not nearly getting it right. Simon and I are on the same page when it comes to him. What was that song he sang, again? It was a love song, wasn't it? I think he was trying to convey "intensity" and "deepness" but the vibe I got from him was stalker - trying - to - plot - my - death. Those looks he did for the camera were piercing, alright. But if a guy was singing a love song for me that way, it would make me really uncomfortable. And worried for my safety. Fortunately, he does have great vocals. David H's voice is cool and smooth. So, I'm still rooting for him, regardless of what I just said. Hah.

Jason Castro and his guitar is a good contender as well, so I'll put him in 5th. I'm seeing not just a singer but an artist, who may draw his own niche in this competition. Good. I like contestants better like that.

My pick for spot six would either be Jason Yeager or Chikezie Eze. They would have to be my wildcards. I'd go with Yeager because I'm just as sappy as he is. Moon River is my favorite classic and Yeager has great vocals. Even if Simon said it was verging on cruise ship singing, I would have enjoyed that one on the cruise ship and I would have requested he sing it the next night! As for Eze, I'm still counting on him to WOW us and the judges sometime. Preferably next week. Or he goes next.

Danny Noriega, the guy (gal?) with chock full of personality, might just slide into Top 6, too. Because the public wants someone they can mock on TV and they might vote to keep him till they tire of him (a lot of people loved to hate Sanjaya). Already, Noriega's getting the brunt of it (the mockery) on other communities I visit. And I feel sorry for him because, to be fair, he does have talent.

Who's the first to go this week though? I'm not so great with guessing how the public votes but forgettable performances of the night were that of Luke Menard and Colton Berry. But hey, if Colton leaves, I know where he's going to be on next --- singing at the Ellen Show.