08 February 2008

Cast News: Joshua Jackson on Fringe, Val Kilmer as KITT

As I've posted previously, Fringe, a new TV series by J.J. Abrams will begin production this month. And today, they have found their leading man in the person of Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek).

"The two-hour $10 million pilot, directed by Alex Graves, centers on FBI agent Olivia Warren (Anna Torv) who teams with Peter Bishop (Jackson) and his estranged father, institutionalized scientist Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble), to confront the spread of unexplained phenomena.

Jackson was the producers' early choice for the role of Peter Bishop, a high-school dropout with an IQ of 190, and a misfit who is scrambling to erase a gambling debt." | Coming Soon

Meanwhile, Will Arnett has begged off the Knight Rider project because of a contractual obligation. Originally picked as the voice of KITT, Arnett had to withdraw from this show because of a long standing relationship with General Motors, being the voice behind their commercials.

Unfortunately, KITT is a Ford Mustang in this updated version of the series.

The new voice of KITT is none other than Val Kilmer. | Variety