06 February 2008

Friday Night Toast

Not liking this guy. Found it funny when he said this but thought it was also so insensitive of him, especially when he used to work with one of the best group of writers on television (The Office). He has unequivocally canceled Friday Night Lights for poor ratings. "We're NBC, we have a reputation to uphold".

....and that is why you need to keep critically-acclaimed series, like FNL, running. It's the second best show on that channel, according to this result.


Unofficial news say, by the way, that Season 2 of Friday Night Lights will be out on DVD, April 22. Episode 15, the last from this season, airs this Friday with a "pregnancy bombshell".

I'm guessing it's Saracen's baby with Carlotta.

Ausiello | Question: What do you have for what could be the last-ever episode of Friday Night Lights? — Ann

Ausiello: The same thing I've had for months: A pregnancy bombshell that no one will see coming. (And I know, because I've spent the last five weeks reading all your guesses.) And all joking aside, if NBC even considers pulling the plug on FNL, they better board up their windows, 'cause a sh--storm's gonna blow into town. In fact, the National Weather Service has already given it a name: Hurricane Ausholes.

Spoilerfix | 01/19 - Episode 2.15 - May the Best Man Win [Airing February 8]: Brian "Smash" Williams is determined to get a football scholarship to college despite the recent events that have transpired. However, Brian is very shocked when the most unlikely place offers him what may be the opportunity of his life. Tami Taylor runs into her ex-boyfriend from high school, a big real estate mogul, and he decides to stay in Dillon for a few days. A few days proves to be too long as Coach Taylor begins to feel a bit jealous. Elsewhere, Jason Street hears the biggest news of his life since his accident and must decide if he is willing to change his life completely. Meanwhile, Tim Riggins continues his pursuit of Lyla by getting his own radio show at the Christian radio station. Lyla seems to be enjoying her current relationship with her Christian boyfriend as she goes with him to meet his family. Jesse Plemons, Adrianne Palicki, Aimee Teegarden and Zach Gilford also star. Source: NBC [Last episode completed before the writers' strike]

Tune in Friday. It could be the last one from the show.