18 February 2008

Another theme change heading this site's way. Yeah, sorry....

Once again, I'm going through a phase and I want to do some theme changes to my site(s). This always happens when I get something new. Bought one new item of clothing?? Completely change the way I store all clothes in the closet. New shoes? Re-arrange the shoe rack and come up with a new storage system, preferably with labels and tags. New kitchen utensils? Time for a kitchen make-over.

Sometime ago, we've adopted Phoebe. Over the weekend, Phoebe was joined by her older sister, Eve. And everything about her just screamed beautiful outside, that I wanted what I was seeing inside to be the same. As much as I want to change every theme on every website I visit to complement Eve, the one thing I can truly control, of course, are my own websites. Besides, I learned today that the TV sites I write for 451Press are also going to get a makeover soon. So, I took that as a sign to get things rolling on my end. We're going to get things really pretty.

At about 10 am, I was done with two of my blogs already (Hooray for me!). You can check the changes here and here. Looks alright? Yes? No?

Anyway, you should see this blog with a different look real soon. Or as soon as this headache disappears coz tweaking those sites? No joke. My eyesight is so getting strained.