04 February 2008

Grey's Anatomy and more shows back in production, soon!

There it is, I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel!

Production of ABC shows like Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, and Desperate Housewives, will very soon be rolling after the strike is lifted (strike talks almost nearing its end). The target date for people to return to work is early March and shows are expected to complete and air at least five episodes until May.

Freshmen favorites Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money and Samantha Who? will also be back in production. But they will be doing episodes for Season 2 and not the remainder of the season (so yes, their first season run is done).

Expect a similar pattern to play out at CBS, NBC and Fox: Established shows returning in the spring; newer ones held till fall. | Ausiello
Photo from Grey's Media.