28 February 2008

Pilot Watch: NY-Lon, Mythological X, Can Openers

All these shows coming to CBS:

NY Lon - "revolves around a New York record store clerk and a London stock broker who, after a fateful encounter in London, embark on a cross-continental romance." I saw the original British series with Rashida Jones as the female lead sometime 2005. I don't remember much of it anymore.

Mythological X - "It centers on a woman who, after learning from a psychic that she already has dated the man she's supposed to marry, revisits all her past relationships in the hopes of finding him." Based on a show from Israel.

Can Openers - "centers on a twentysomething woman and her fellow residents who fight to survive the intensely competitive boys club that is the seven-year neurosurgical residency." Their answer to Grey's Anatomy?