20 February 2008

Knight Rider 2008

I can't really say reviving this series into a TV Movie was a good or bad idea.

There is no doubt the car is super fantastic. In that sense, the show's lead star delivered. KITT 2008 can change its make into any shape or form (think Bumblebee from Transformers 2007). It also has the power to heal itself via nano technology. The special effects? Ahh-mah-zing! The show is, first and foremost, all about the car anyway. The car chase scenes were, obviously, excuses to demonstrate its power and I had no problem in that area.

But there were two things I didn't like about the car --- KITT's voice (Val Kilmer) was not as audible (but that could just be me. Time for some Q-tips!). And is KITT programmed to also mimic Oprah or Dr. Phil? Driving at a really fast speed while trying to get away from the bad guys, KITT takes the time to ask Sarah of her past relationship with Mike. Therapy on wheels?

There were a few other things I didn't like about the TV movie. Take away all the special effects and zeroing on the plot --- it's pretty much your basic crapfest. They've got the car working perfectly fine, mechanism and all that (Kitt even has a sense of humor!), they forgot to fine-tune the story. And the actors? There's a noticeable lack of chemistry.

Let me sum up the plot in the most simple way:
  • Bad guys after this technology genius old man is working on for the Pentagon.
  • When they can't get to him, they go after his daughter, who also helped worked on it.
  • KITT warns daughter (Sarah). Sarah is also a genius.
  • Car chase.
  • KITT saves Sarah.
  • Car chase.
  • KITT brings Sarah to childhood sweetheart Mike (programmed to do so). Mike is the typical problematic guy with a good heart. Background: Army Ranger. Currently: loser or something.
  • Mike hesitates helping Sarah at first, got problems of his own, you know. But ends up with her, as expected.
  • Car chase, car chase, car chase.
  • Genius Old Man is still alive. Enlists the help of an old friend (the pretty mechanic from the old Knight Rider series). Tries to contact KITT and his daughter. Agrees they meet somewhere.
  • All the while, FBI friend of genius old man is looking for him, too. And learns of the planned rendezvous. Alerts the sheriff, who is in cahoots with the bad guys. I think I should mention she is a Lesbian because that seems to be important to the story, if this show was to continue in the fall season.
  • Everyone gets to the place all at the same time.
  • Gunfire. Someone is killed. Mike acts like he's sad about it. But the actor doesn't deliver the right emotion.
  • Bad guys' plans averted. Police arrest them.
  • Genius old man and FBI propose something to Mike. He can't confirm and get on board with it, coz still sad about someone being killed. (Alright, not Sarah).
  • Funeral scene. We get a cameo from the original KITT driver, Michael Knight.
  • And in the next scene, Mike is on KITT and heading to a new mission.
To the show's credit, Knight Rider (2008) is a better remake than Bionic Woman. With a few changes, it could be one of next season's biggest hit, if they do decide to proceed with it.

Here's a two minute preview: