18 June 2007

Philippine Cable Schedule

Was channel surfing last night and realized that a lot of shows are starting new seasons this month via cableTV. If you aren't watching it on torrents or downloads, then mark this dates on your calendar, in case you wanna follow some of these shows:

Thurs 10-11 --- America's Next Top Model Season 7. This is the season with the twin wanna-be models.

Thursdays 10-12 --- Lost Season 3 (back to back!)

Darn it, conflicting! >:(

Sunday 10-11 --- Last Comic Standing Season 4
Sunday 11-1130 --- Comedy Central (New Season)
Sunday 1130-12 --- Premium Blend (New Season)

Monday 9-10 --- Heroes Season 1
Friday 10-11 --- Shark Season 1 (It's like House, but Shark is a lawyer)


Wednesday 8-9 --- Eureka Season 1
Wednesday 9-10 --- Commander in Chief Complete Season
Wednesday 10-11 --- Angela's Eyes Season 1

These are pretty heavy stuff to watch on a Wednesday night!

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