14 June 2007

It's cute but....

.... I did not quite get it. (Me got the dumb!)

Creature Comforts trivia from Wikipedia:
Creature Comforts was originally a 1989 animated short film made in Britain about how animals feel about living in a zoo, and later became a series of commercials for Heat Electric. In 2003 a television series in the same style was released. The original Creature Comforts was conceived and directed by Nick Park, and produced by Aardman Animations featuring the voice acting of the Great British public. In February 2006, it was announced that CBS has commissioned seven episodes of an American version of the show, to feature members of the American public.

Humour pervades all aspects of the series, for example:
- A highly philosophical speech, ironically given by an amoeba.
- An alligator praising her neighbourhood, the sewer.
- Animals being scared of their own terrain (hydrophobic sharks and walruses, birds afraid of heights, etc.)

The series gently mocks the constructed performance sometimes given by members of the general public when being interviewed for television vox-pops and documentaries. This includes the attempts to present a cogent but simple conclusive answer to a general question — a sound bite — and the attempts to present a cheery spin on a complex issue while the subject attempts to hide their personal issues and problems with the issue.

Ohhhhhhh, now I get it. LOL.


The sound bites are actually funny. It reminds me of those types of people Jay Leno interviews for Jaywalking.

I enjoyed those birds, they're the funniest ones. Here's a couple more with them:

But to run for 30 minutes? That's stretching it a bit too much, yah? I could easily tune out if that's the case. There are clips of the British version in Youtube. This formula works better with the accent me thinks.

Creature Comforts
Season 1 Episode 1 - Animal Magnetism / Secrets & Lies / Pets at the Vet
Original Airing: June 4, 2007
Network: CBS

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