25 June 2007

Spoiler Alert & Other News

DISCLAIMER: I'm not an official source, just passing what I read from all over.

- Foreman, Cameron & Chase will be back definitely but not as House's students
- Instead House will have four new doctors training under him
- There's a possibility that the attraction between Hourse and Cuddy will develop
- Expect a different Season 4 with these changes

Grey's Anatomy:
- Yep, they are exploring involving Derek and a new intern.
- One of Derek's sisters might drop in Seattle Grace and it's not the one from last Season. *Rumor* has it it's Tiffany Amber Theissen. Emphasis on rumor. You may recall her as the replacement of Brenda in 90210.

- There might be a female president this time around. If only Sherry Palmer was alive.

Prison Break:
- New character named Betty Crocker will serve as Lincoln's love interest. She will not look like this Betty Crocker, who most Americans associate with baking:

Instead PB's Bretty Crocker looks like this, and she plays a cunning government agent:

She will be played by Jodi Lyn O'Keefe.

- New prison bad-ass...this guy, played by British actor Chris Vance:

He will be Michael's prison buddy in that new prison Michael is holed out. He will assist him in the plan to break out. Yet again.

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