20 June 2007


Saw: Zack Braff's The Ex. I didn't know it was originally entitled Fast Track as seen in this photo. Or maybe I grabbed a photoshopped jpeg of this movie's poster. Anyhoooo...didn't like the story too much. It felt...fast tracked. Yeah, that's it exactly.

But I liked that some of my favorite people are on this movie together --- Zach, Amanda, Jason.

Paul Rudd (Mike Hannigan) was in one scene; He was Zach's ass of a boss. Amy Poehler (SNL) was in another scene and I could not understand what her scene was about, it was very insignificant to the film.

Zack said the movie didn't do well, but for other reasons. He wrote on his blog:

"For those of you that went to see the EX, thank you. It didn't do as well as any of us hoped, and I'm not quite sure why. Obviously the reviews weren't great and it was only on 1000 screens (that's half the number of the other new movies.) Many of you have written me saying you couldn't find it near you. And there were lots of Huge movies out. But I have to be honest, I didn't think we'd get beaten by Delta Farce! That stings. The Ex is by no means a perfect movie, but I think it's a pretty funny one if you like silly, goofy, physical comedy. I do. But whatever, if you can find it, please check it out. I promise you will laugh."

There's one thing I noticed about me watching Zack Braff movies lately....if there are no goofy segues (as with Scrubs), it just won't do for me. I think I have boxed him as JD in my mind now.

Saw: Happily N'Ever After. Meh. It's Cinderella's story with a twist. The people who did Shrek was behind this movie, as well. But it is not as funny. Not funny at all.


Will be checking out Meadowlands and Jekyll later today.

Meadowlands is a family drama aired on Showtime. It's supposedly quirky and different but we'll see. I just trashed another family drama last week --- John From Cincinnati? Could not get into the show even with Luke Perry in it.

Jekyll is a British TV Series about a doctor who needs to keep his dark side in check. Sounds like Dexter's premise, huh?


Ever since high school, I've always loved to pick girl baby names and make my list. I think that if I have kept it all, I'd have made my own baby name book. All I remember from my old list now is Kay Erin. Which is what I was supposed to name my daughter, except that I had a boy instead.

Anyway, lately I'm inspired by the name Dominica. And I see her as a sweet and carefree girl with curly locks. Ahhhh! All these baby prepartions must be getting to me. My sis-in-law is bringing my niece into this world in three weeks time and I've been labelling stuff for my soon-to-born niece which relatives from the province sent over.


My son is actually in bed now, sick with fever. And I'm not supposed to be spending time in the computer today (sssshhhh...) So, I'll keep this short and retire from the internet early.


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