22 June 2007


On with my British TV viewing...

Checked out Jekyll. It was interesting at first. Until the alter ego, the character of Hyde, appeared. Perhaps because I didn't like the way the bad guy was portrayed, it just got corny and it ruined it for me. Evil characters like Hyde can be portrayed in an enigmatic, sinister, evil way, me thinks. But for this one, he came off as a has-been gigolo reeking of bad perfume smell or something. Watch this video to see what I'm talking about:

This is not my favorite scene from the episode, but it's the only clip on Youtube.

I am also not familiar with the actor, James Nesbitt. I don't even know if Jekyll/Hyde is portrayed by two guys. Coz the Hyde character has a clef chin, the other one doesn't. Can you tell if they are one and the same?

Anyway, as a whole though, the series is pretty okay. It's right above mediocre....miles from being "great". Writing isn't top-notch...yet. Because I felt that some parts of the first episode was fuzzy. But I have faith in the writer Steven Moffat, whose work I've followed and loved on Coupling (the British FRIENDS).

Perhaps it will get better in the next 5 episodes. Coz that's how long it is, just 6 episodes to watch and it's done for the season. British TV shows are short. Wonder why that is. Hmm. I found my answer on this page. (Yey for Google!)

More of Jekyll here.

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