03 June 2007

In Memoriam 2007

I planned on doing a chronicle of all TV characters who died the past season (2006-2007), but with all the things I had to do outside of my TV bumming (dammit! I miss bumming around!) I scrapped the idea.

Anyway, someone else youtubed a similar idea...except that it wasn't about TV characters per se, but TV shows in general.

Here it is...can you spot all the TV shows you will be missing next season?

In order of appearance:

1. The Black Donnellys
2. Vanished
3. The OC
4. Drive
5. King of Queens
6. Justice
7. Jericho
8. Studio 60
(this hurts me!)
9. Gilmore Girls
10. Smith
(first death)
11. Crossing Jordan
12. [don't recognize it]
13. Close To Home
14. [don't recognize it]
15. Kidnapped
16. [don't recognize it]
17. The Class
18. [don't recognize it]
19. 3 lbs
20. Standoff
21. Knights of Prosperity
22. The Wedding Bells
23. Travelers
24. Runaway
25. Daybreak
26. [don't recognize it]
27. In Case of Emergency
28. The War at Home
29. George Lopez Show
(or something like that)
30. [don't recognize it]
31. [don't recognize it]
32. Seventh Heaven
33. Andy Richter PI
34. The Sopranos
35. [don't recognize it]
36. Rome
(Huhuhu rin!)
37. [forgot the title, don't care]
38. [don't recognize it]
39. Veronica Mars