16 June 2007

This was it...The Sopranos Season Finale

Many people didn't like how The Sopranos ended. Because the show just literally dropped off the airwaves, as if your TV had malfunctioned. If you're curious, this is how it went, and take note of the last 30 seconds:

My first thoughts were --- Somebody fucked up in the control room or the writers probably could not think of a decent ending and just said, "To hell with it".

It left everyone watching it feeling uncertain. What was gonna happen next, dammit?

And in truth, that is perhaps what the ending was trying to say --- that living the life of a mafia poses a lot of uncertainties. You never know if your time is up, or if the people around you are safe, or if one of them is out to whack you.

David Chase, the show's creator, gave the viewers a feel of what it was like.


My husband and I did a marathon of the show this week. Some of the stories and characters came full circle and in a way, it satisfied this Sopranos fan.

What I was thinking the whole time while I was watching Episodes 13-21 though is how much of a contrast the Sopranos were to the Taylors (Friday Night Lights) in the way they handle their family crisis. Granted the Taylors didn't live stressful lives like the mob family, their problems are no different from each other, especially when it comes to parenting or dealing with their children.

I've always maintained that FNL offered a realistic take of how life is...but I just realized that so were the Sopranos. Yes, they can be extremely dysfunctional and emotionally/physically violent towards each other at times, but then there are families like that in real life as well.

Haaay...another good TV show ended.

I miss Uncle Junior already.

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