23 June 2007

I interrupt the program for this proud mom alert

When he's not watching TV with me or by himself, my 9year old son spends a loooooooooot of time drawing on paper or the computer. He has saved a number of files over the years.

He mostly likes doing graphic-art, partly influenced by the video games he plays or the cartoons he sees on TV. Browsing through some of his work, I've noticed that he has greatly improved with mixing colors. Some of his abstracts are impressive...and I'm not just saying that because I'm his mother. LOL!

He enjoys browsing DeviantArt a lot and I have encouraged him to open an account there so he can start posting his work; and also since I have failed to bring him up to speed with blogging (he abandoned his blog already). But my son is still quite the private person and refuses to have an internet identity (hence the abadoning of the blog). Instead, I asked permission to upload some of this work on Slide.com so I can share it with my friends and family. (Coz, heck...am a proud mom!)

This is what he calls the Catastrophe Series, his interpretation of disasters striking the earth.