12 June 2007

On queue

I've decided to ditch my Lost d/l and just tune to it on AXN Cable. They air back to back episodes of Season 3 on Thursdays at 10-12 PM. Also tuning in to cable for the latest seasons of My Name is Earl & Everybody Hates Chris (both airing on our local Jack TV). I couldn't get around to watching the files I have, so now I just catch it on TV... whenever.

John from Cincinnati premiered the other night on HBO and I'll try to watch the episode later today. I had no idea what it's about until I checked torrents today. I have a feeling I wouldn't like it and my reason may actually border on ridiculous -- I just don't particularly like that it's set in the beach, with the surfer dudes...when it looks a lot like Twin Peaks. Speaking of surfer dudes, Luke Perry is in the cast.

And on to another HBO series --- I've queued The Wire for d/l-ing finally. Have decided to actually check it out now, after reading BJ Novak's blog... who must have received tons of recommendations and got tired of it. In truth, The Wire is a critic's favorite. Now I'd like to find out why. Sometime in the next few days, if I suddenly have this violent tone in my posts....you know I'm already watching this show.

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