07 June 2007


...I was gone and unable to connect to the internet for over a day. And let me tell you how slow "over a day" passes. It was looooooooooooong. I spent the day watching brainless movies because for some reason, there was nothing on TV that interested me. And I felt my IQ dropped way below, below 0 after Mr. Bean's Holiday, Norbit (alright, aminin... yes that was fun!) and the disappointment that is The Contract (Johnny Cusack, baby...why?? Why did you star in that movie?).

Last June 1st, I did say that the second half of this year was gonna be a new leaf for me, a new chapter, a new beginning. I am bent on making the rest of 2007 work for me. Because I'm tired of whining and fretting and sulking. I did say I received good news. And I got another one when I opened my mails yesterday.

So now, I invite you to please join me in another blogsite which I will be tasked to provide updates regularly. It's great to be doing something I really, really enjoy. And if you regularly drop by there, too (read, comment, just don't make fun of me! LOL!)... it would make the task so much easier for me.