26 June 2007


Local TV tidbit....

Hey, if you see any Lastikman promo photos around, the billboards especially... some of it were taken by the hubby...who was part of the group Channel 2 hired to do the photoshoot for the new TV series.

By arrangement, they are not supposed to release the photos on their personal galleries yet. At least not when the series has began airing (which is sometime in the next two months). So I can't also post some of it here.

But there are some really goofy photos of Archie (the guy from Wazzup! Wazzup! on Studio 23) and the hubby says he's really fun and so game.

Gloria Romero
's in the cast and it felt like shooting royalty according to the hubby...no fuss too, despite wearing heavy make-up and costume. There's a real legend, an icon.

Dawn Zulueta's part of the cast also and she knows exactly what she wants and what her best angels are. I suppose that's why she is Dawn Zulueta.

When it's time to release it, photos can be viewed here. Come back in two months. :)