08 June 2007

What made me smile today

With her indulgence, I'd like to borrow Jenny's blog's concept for this particular entry.

When my son arrived from school today, he handed me pieces of paper with these words scribbled on it:
  • Jolly
  • cheerful
  • cute noisy cute
  • creative
  • chobby (which should have been chubby, hehe)
  • makes people laugh
  • reader
  • funny
  • friendly funny
  • smart funny
  • playful
  • funny
  • a generous/comedian person
  • a great person
Turns out they had this activity in school where each pupil would have to anonymously write what they think of their classmates. And apparently, my son's classmates think he's a comedian.

I know my son has a great sense of humor . I just didn't think there would be others who will see what I see; or that my son is already coming to his own, his personality now showing.

And it makes me kinda proud, in a way. I feel I've done part of my mission as his mother. Because I personally love my men funny. And I have tried very much to instill humor in him. (Thank you Friends, Scrubs, Frasier, HIMYM and of course, Spongebob!) Because I believe that a happy person is a stronger person. (Except and unless that person is ridiculously happy... then that person probably 1) had too much sugar 2) has gone mental. Bwaha.)

His dad's reaction though was like this:
My son's the class clown??


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