01 March 2007

Catching Up & Some Idol Thoughts

Even if I want to watch the TV episodes I've missed because I myself had an episode (haha!) recently, I couldn't.

I have a lot of catching up to do in areas where it should mean and matter most --- you know, the ones that bring in the money or the ones where I have to really work for because I am responsible for it (task, chores, work shit). I have to catch up on these. I even missed the shows I was supposed to be keeping tabs on via cable (missed Psych tonight and Standoff last Tues! Ugh!) because the other things I am responsible for have to take precedence over the bumming around and TV watching thing. Thank god for replays. :)

Anyway, I'm now resting in bed, watching the replay of American Idol (missed the first airing earlier. See? Tasks and work --- ruining my TV schedule!).

Some AI thoughts:

Gina Alone - I love the song (even if it reminds me of days when at around 9 or 10 years old, my dad would bring me to Shakey's and at that time, they had cheesy bands who had bad diction and were singing songs like Alone. Anyway...) Gina's performance was so-so. If she does make it to Top 12, all roads point to her not getting very far. I just can't see her shining.

Alaina Not Ready To Make Nice -I'm gonna do a Paula and say, " She's very pretty :)" because I can't say anything nice about her singing.

Lakisha Midnight Train to Georgia - Not as great as last week, but she has a sure spot in that Top 12. Might even land on Top 2, eh?

Melinda My Funny Valentine - Incredible, yes. Out of this world, not so sure.

Antonella Because You Love Me - Murderer! LOL! Ang sakit sa tenga!!!

Jordin Reflections - Nice, the song choice suited her. She's also sure to make it to Top 12.

Stephanie (I don't know the title of what she sang) - She belongs to the second tier, behind Melinda and Lakisha...and even Jordin, me thinks.

Leslie Feelin' Good - Attempted a Nina Simone song, I'd give her plus points for it. But I didn't like her performance, sorry.

Hayley Queen of The Night - Haha, karaoke-ish! I think I could sing like that.... in the confines of our living room :D

Sabrina All The Man I Need (is it?) - More Whitney. But I actually like this song :) She started okay, ended bad.

Ha. I think I wasn't easily pleased with tonight's show, save for one or two performances. The guys stepped up yesterday and tonight, the girls didn't. But they weren't half as bad as the guys last week. Hmmm...

Nighty nite.