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22 June 2010

Yes, Charice will be on Glee. And there is a Glee Movie coming up!

Michael Ausiello has confirmed, Filipino pop star, Charice, will be appearing on GLEE:

I am NOT a fan of this girl. Sige, batuhin niyo na ako ng kamatis. :P Pinoys are now flooding Ausiello's blog with comments. This should be interesting. ^-^

And in other Glee news:  HOLLYWOODLIFE.COM EXCLUSIVE! Three ‘Glee’ Movies Could Be On Their Way To Theaters And All The Show’s Stars Are Signed Up Wow. One way to kill a show when it's ahead? It's this and the Glee merchandi$e...and the updates that happen, like, every week. Won't be long before we're overly saturated with this, you might as well call this show "Gloom".

I hate it when this happens. HAAATE!

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  1. Ako rin hindi fan. But I've been more careful when tweeting about it, grabe ang fantards lurking there. One negative message and you will be called names.:) Haha!

    Bigla akong nawalan ng gana sa Glee.

  2. Oh yeah, they are a breed....of some kind. Hehe.