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10 July 2008

Poll: Fall Shows 2008

Poll time!

Fall 2008 is history in the making. There are only about 14-16 new TV series premiering in September-October (excluding cable); the first time it's going to happen in USA TV history. And worse, a number of it don't even look like quality programming. The strike last season has really affected this new season's line-up.

Horizon Media, an independent PR company, has an early analysis on what new show will be a success or not. But I wanna ask people who swing along this blog --- What new show will you be checking out come fall?

I've got a poll set up on the right. --->

And I've got a few reviews and sneak peeks of some of the shows below the poll, which will be updated over the course of the summer (US).

Thanks for participating!

* The poll only includes new shows from the five broadcast networks --- FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC and CW.

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