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22 July 2008

Missed it.

My fever is gone, wheee! Which means I can sit longer in front of the computer tomorrow. And I can finally go back to working and doing what I'm supposed to do. Although, my body is flushing out something else. I think it has reached it's saturation point with the medicines I was taking. I'm riddled with allergies; red maps are forming on my arms and legs. It's gross. :P

I wasn't able to watch Dr. Horrible's third act. It had a deadline and I thought I could still catch it but it's all gone now. I have to get it on iTunes, which is not available here. :P How did it end, anybody?

With me sick in bed since Friday eve, I actually had plenty of time to catch up on my viewing
  • Movies - Penelope, Persepolis, Saw 1 & 2, Frequency, Made of Honor, Jarhead;
  • TV - Will and Grace Season 5, the rest of Reaper Season 1, new episodes of Burn Notice, Flashpoint, Big Brother 10, My Boys
Only, I didn't quite enjoy most of it because I was dozing off in the middle of watching! On the upside, since I was weak and tired, I did manage to sleep earlier than 10 PM. And it was the best feeling evah! I love sleep! Now, I do feel recharged and well-rested.

Early tomorrow, I'd be off to start a busy Wednesday. What timing, though. Wednesday is always my busiest. I'd be up/down, in/out of the house most of the time, my just-recovered body might give up on the first day back from sick bay.

Work sucks. :P

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